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Water Cleaning Equipment (what is it?)

Premier Water Cleaning Systems provides and services both equipment that cleans up water (Separators, Filters, ...) and equipment that uses water to clean (Solar Cleaning Brushes, Pressure Washers, Spray Bars, ...).

Premier Water Cleaning Systems builds, installs, and customizes water treatment systems. We also specialize in custom high pressure cleaning systems and industrial pressure washers.

With over 20 years of experience, we are knowledgeable about the latest industrial water technologies and how they can be used to help you.  We provide innovative solutions for water reuse, wastewater treatment, and efficient cleaning.

Local Service Department

We service businesses throughout Northern California, including a wide range of agricultural businesses, tractor repair companies, food processing plants, breweries, and wineries.

In addition to water cleaning equipment we also have and can repair shop heaters, cooling units, air compressors, and solar panel cleaning equipment.  We can even provide custom controls for any process including variable speed drives.

Even if your need isn't specifically listed, give us a call and we can probably help you!  YES WE CAN DO THAT.

Solar Cleaning Equipment

Premier Water Cleaning Systems (PWCS) is the leader in solar panel cleaning equipment throughout the United States as well as North and South America.  Besides having the best solar panel cleaning brushes, PWCS has multiple custom solutions not available anywhere else.  PWCS has regular brushes, spinning SolaTecs brushes, and specialty equipment like the KSolara FK2/FK3 ground system cleaners and the SolarCleano robot.  We also have all related accessories and stock repair parts.  As always, we service everything we sell.  For more information on solar cleaning equipment, please see our solar cleaning website:


Premier Water Cleaning Systems installs water treatment equipment from several manufacturers as well as our own custom designed equipment to better meet your needs. We also service systems from most manufacturers. We know the benefits and drawbacks of almost all of the different equipment.

We are often able to make an existing system work much better with a few minor changes. We have also designed, built and deployed custom solutions from scratch. These systems include high pressure spray bars for walnut hullers, variable speed facility cleaning systems, extremely efficient evaporators, and many more.

The following projects represent a small selection of past systems.

Watercraft Decontamination

This watercraft decontamination system is the ultimate in Environmental Protection. The system is the biggest and most advanced available. It protects lakes by killing mussels and reuses the water multiple times

Huller Spray

High-pressure Spray bars for cleaning walnuts in a huller.

Ag Water Treatment

Chemical Dispensing. Treatment of both process water and wash water.

Reverse Osmosis

Produce spot free water on site.

Facility Cleaner

Automated, variable speed, high pressure pumping system with auto start/stop trigger control.